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Feb 18, 2017

((@Logan_Justin_Gray @DragonGirl180 @Graymay09 @Noahsoccer22 @CandySnake02 @EnderPlayer @TaeKwonDitto @NicoNite81 @Silverb9)) Dragon Tamers RP Part 3: The Darkness

It's been 10 months since everyone found there dragons and now everyone's dragons are in there teens ((medium stage)) but what they don't know is what's coming and is that they must fight to save both the magic and normal world

Alex:"wakes up" "yawn" Another day of school..least I have friends now

Feb 17, 2017

@Graymay09 I wanted to say sorry for not being on all day I was skypeing and stuff, we'll RP tomorrow also here, my apologize puppy picture

Feb 12, 2017

Ok guys @Death_gun0411 wanted me to tell you all he can't rp cause his phone won't charge so yeah thats it

Feb 09, 2017

Two truth and one lie friend ediation by @Graymay09
@CandySnake02 @Luckyducky3rd @BlackWolf23
1: My first game system was a gamecube
2: Naruto is the only manga I have red
3: I own 2 swords from San Japan