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Minecraft PE
Ray GalaxyTheNerd's Character
Today at 12:43 AM

Name: Ray
Fullname: Ray VenomScythe
Age: 20
Appearance: (the picture) but his eyes are a light blue/just blue.
Personality: SUPER sweet, kind, gently, caring, generous, a gentleman, stands up for his friends, when he gets mad hes like "dude why? that's pretty rude."
Race: Human
Gender: Male.
Lover: classified
Family: Ivy (mother), Garroth (father)
Friends: Galaxy, and her OCs and more OCs
Weapons: a sword like his father's that turns into a scythe likes his mother's (main weapon) and a few potions etc
Powers: unknown
Info: unknown
Me: yus you here ^^
Ray: heh