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Oct 19, 2017

So this is a day late & definitely not a week late... but either way its here now: Day In The Life Of Hughes:

HHUUGGHHEESS5 Hughes5ive's Character
Oct 18, 2017

So this may or may not be a couple of days late but oh well here now: Minecraft, Unknown Maps: Super Mario World: http://youtu.be/ttach0mfwfk

Oct 06, 2017

So today I decided to get up & go for a walk but to take you with me: Random vlog: 5th of October: http://youtu.be/CWo-iLz2BHQ

Sep 27, 2017

I basically went on a little rant that was going to be uploaded a lot sooner but oh well it cant be helped & its here now: Really YouTube: http://youtu.be/j8S8qjLpz2I?a

Sep 21, 2017

So basically I was trying to think of things to do & honestly I thought this may just be another vlog but then this happened: How Well Do I Know Animu?: http://youtu.be/08_nNMOqYJ0

Jul 21, 2017

Well this is definitely a video where the title says it all: So... I'm back & here's why I was gone: http://youtu.be/Nkqlm5aYs7g