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Jan 04, 2017

@Bearded_Gecko can I talk to you man pls

Jan 03, 2017

@XxloneminerxX hey man you on

Jan 03, 2017

@Bearded_Gecko can I talk to about something cause I cant talk to you on skype

Jan 01, 2017

(@Bearded_Gecko)Full Name:Blake WidowAge:13Appearance: Kinda looks like sora from kingdom of heartsPersonality:Kind,outgoing for friendsMini Backstory:Lives with his parents accidentally found his dragon but loves it the same Dragon's Name:SparkDragon's Element:FireDragon's Appearance:Looks like a red toothless from how to train your dragon

Dec 31, 2016

(@DragonGirl180) *blake just moved to a new city and its the first day of school for him* Blake: man I don't wanna go to school today