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Jan 17, 2017

Me on left @basaltian on right hue love you sis XD :p

Jan 17, 2017

(( @Bearded_Gecko @GalaxyTheNerd @Noahsoccer22 @basaltian @Asdfman123 )) yep okay. Destroyed the amulet. Blare Crimson and Oxylus are talking and Ellie is trying to pick up the broken peices. Crona met Noah and she kissed him I don't really remember after that. so ye

Ellie: * she continues to pick up the amulet peices * Where's.. * she looks around * Where's the last one?..

Chase Farris Luckyducky3rd's Character
Jan 17, 2017

(( @BlackWolf23 idk.. .-. lolz ))
Chase: * walks along the street humming * (( couldn't find a better picture))

Jan 17, 2017

left to right @GalaxyTheNerd @BlackWolf23 @Dienomic me :3 lol