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Mar 29, 2017

(( rest of poem )) And it leaves a scar. Not one you can see, but a scar that wont ever leave. The one that has you thinking for days, " What did i do wrong? ". But the truth is, you didnt do anything wrong, but theyll do whatever to make you feel worthless. " Kids are cruel " Yeah, tell me about it. There also ruthless and carefree. And someday...its going to come back to haunt you. Remining you of what you said. How you sent a kid home crying. How when you got in trouble, your " friends " never had your back, just saying, " I was just going along with them ". And thats when you start to fall. Cause your friends dont go along with you anymore. And that kid you picked on, fought back. You pushed him in the hall and he pushed back. Your suprised expression satisfied him. You called him a name, he said one back. He took back the feeling of victory, which you once stripped away from him. Your alone. But hey, i cannot judge. I havent met you truly.

Mar 29, 2017

(( my long poem thing )) When i was younger, and up until now, I didnt like people very muchm They would always complain about school. But let me ask you, how does it feel? To sit in the back of the class. Hoping and wishing you might not get called a name today. But of course, you cannot answer suck a question. Because thats my job. Sitting alone in the back of class watching you pick on a kid that you jugded the first day you met him. But didnt have the audacity to truly meet him. But how could you when everyone said he was gross and ugly? How could you ruin your reputation on the first day? So you went along with it. But i ask you, why does your reputation matter more than someones feelings? Why does calling people names matter more than saying im sorry. I guess we will never no. Because as soon as someone gets smart and figures out your game... They get left out to rot. Although it never affected me, it affected my feelings. But then again, I cant judge. I havent met you truly. But what does it matter at this point because everytime i try to talk i get shot right where it hurts. (( I will continue in next post ))

Mar 28, 2017

(( S2 WOOOOO @GalaxyTheNerd @basaltian @Bearded_Gecko @Noahsoccer22 sorry if i failed to tag ya .-. )) p.s same school, same groups, same rommates, just learnng new stuff

Quinn: * walks up to the school she was only at just a year ago * * smiles *
Hailey: * runs up with A darker brown hair* Hey Quinn!!
Turner: * runs up to them with a almost black hair!! * Hey! * smiles and has cute shark teeth now *
Quinn: Hey! They did grow in like your dad!!
Turner: I KNOW RIGHT! Makoto said they would!!! and they did!! Rei said it would be hard to tell, but hey, it happened!!
Hailey: Congrats!! And Quinn!! Your dad came home for the summer?!
Quinn: EEEKKK YES!! And it was amazing!!
Turner: Wait really?! Did he still leave for his Business trip with Alice 2 weeks ago?
Quinn: Yeah, but ill call him tonight!
Hailey and Turner: Cool!
Quinn: So...are you both excited?!
* they all laugh then walk in the school *
Quinn: I can tell this will be a good year.


Mar 28, 2017

(( dont mind me, when im a bit upset i like posting poetry ))
He said nothing when he looked at the sky. However i cant blame him, i wouldve just chocked on my words. Or maybe just on the smog covering what hsed to be the stars. Iv always liked looking at the stars, but here i guess i cant do that. So what is he looking at? Smog isnt the most beautiful thing in the world... So is he just...thinking? I ponder a lot of things in my lifetime, but non of those things matter to me more than this. Because, afterall, this is happening right now. I look at him but he doesnt notice. How could he? However....he turns to me and looks me right in the face. I smile and walks right through me , into the road, and towards his house. Its a nice day to think... Its a nice day to think about things you havent before. I float up to the sky with the rest of the smog. With the rest of his thoughts..