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Dec 31, 2016

Well a new year is upon us so I'm gonna start a new brand new RP I call the Dragon Tamers RP.

Full Name:
Mini Backstory:

Next is the info you need for your dragon.
Note: your dragon must be a baby one for now, I have plans and they can't talk

Dragon's Name:
Dragon's Element:
Dragon's Appearance:

Rules: 1: Be nice
2: No swearing
3: No being op
4: Have fun
--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Time: modern times ((Tvs cars present time stuff))
Rp info: Alexander Brave is a high school student but manly keeps to himself for his love of mythical creatures, he loves werewolfs, mermaids and his favorite dragons, and for that he is picked on at school, but he still loves them even though he gets bullied cause of the stories his grandpa told him as a boy. Alexander searches for creatures in the forest a little of from his house, one day he comes across a small purple dragon who has purple lighting powers, his grandpa says you can't choose a dragon, a dragon chooses you and when it does it means you will defend the world from a great dark force to come.

Full Name: Alexander Brave
Age: 17
Appearance:((The picture))
Personality: Smart, a little shy, caring, friendly
Mini Backstory: Lives with his grandpa and grandma since he was 5 due to his parents disappearing.

Dragon's Name: Bolt
Dragon's Element: Lighting
Dragon's Appearance: ((I will post))

So yeah I hope you guys look forward to this, It's been awhile since I posted a RP and I'm really exited for this one

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Jan 02, 2017

Are you gonna start the rp today ?

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Jan 01, 2017

Maybe tomorrow my friend still needs to give me his info

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Jan 01, 2017

Wait is the rp gonna be started today

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Jan 01, 2017

are we starting this rp today?

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Jan 01, 2017

Silver, I think we're only allowed one Dragon element

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Jan 01, 2017

Full name: Silver Neptune
Age: 15
Appearance: ((i will post it))
Personality: Protective, Shy, Caring, can get aggressive sometimes
backstory: She was raised by normal parents they were dragon tamer's but the people of Silver's village did not like dragon's they pretty much hated them. So they set fire to there house and killed all there dragons with her parents along. She ran away with a baby dragon she met along the way. She and Scar((The dragons name)) have been with each other ever since.

Dragon name: Scar
Dragon element: Air and fire
Dragon appearance: ((I will post it))

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Jan 01, 2017

oooh i wanna join can i? if so ill post the info later this sounds fun!

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Jan 01, 2017

YAY ^-^

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Jan 01, 2017

Not tonight, maybe tomorrow

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Jan 01, 2017

dude when are u gonna post the rp

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