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Feb 28, 2017

Hey people so a while i go i posted a post explaining the whole favourite animal question, what i was planning on doing was making an animated series on youtube and want to know if you guys want to create a character to be featured in this animated series. What it is about will be human teenagers who possess a unique ability that allows them to become good friends with their favourite animals and can understand and communicate with them. That is not all though there is another power to do with these people and animals...........(this will be explained later)

If you would like a character in it please provide this information:

Appearance: (a description if you could because i would like to do most the art myself)
Animal companion:

Thanks. I will have something to show in a little while as animation takes a while to make, it will most likely be a trailer of some sorts thats all for now!

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Mar 01, 2017

Name: Amelia
Age: 16
Appearance: short red hair, White undershirt with a black scarf and Blue shorts, tan skin, she doesn't wear shoes. Orange eyes and yellow glasses.
Peronality: Cheery, Friendly, a bit of a prankster, helpful but naïve and forgetful
Animal companion: A fox

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Mar 01, 2017

This looks like it'll be fun! I'll put in a character!
Name: Icy
Age: 16 (since you said they were teenagers)
Appearance: pale skin, kinda short, braided aqua green hair with purple tips, she's heterochromatic (her left eye is green and her right eye is gold), and she likes to wear an outfit similar to Sans from Undertale
Personality: kind, caring, shy
Animal companion: mako shark

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Feb 28, 2017

(I might join later)

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