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Feb 15, 2017

@BlackWolf23 please answer

Feb 15, 2017

hey everyone who cares that im alive , so i will be back soon dont worry im not dead just my phone is broken and im hoping on getting a new one soon and then ill be back for sure and im sorry that i havent really been around at all i just have been super busy with work and school because in order to keep my job i need to keep my grades up and trust me i hate not being able to talk to anyone and black wolf im sorry about being a terrible friend i really do care and i try my best to talk to you and everyone but my time for relaxing and rps is coming to a short soon my family will kick me out of the house and then i will be screwed lol so anyways ill be back soon i promise

signed: Death

Jan 24, 2017

@CandySnake02 @basaltian