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Aura Kingdom
Rouge XxloneminerxX's Character
Apr 05, 2017

((this is a new RP... the enemy is the void walker's BTW
you can either be a;
1: Guardian - protector of humans
2: Knight - servants of the Guardian's
everyone will be in training for what they choose :P hop ya enjoy ^_^))
((Guardian's RP part 2))
*has been presumed to be killed during a fight*
headmaster: you shouldn't be here... *is on the roof of the academy*
me: *leaning on a wall round a corner* its hard to not be... especially... when you have a contract with someone you wanna protect...

Aura Kingdom
Nami XxloneminerxX's Character
Mar 22, 2017

rouge: come on kid... we all had to do this shit -_-
XxloneminerxX: yes they did ^_^
Rouge: your still an ass -_-
XxloneminerxX: yes i am ^_^
me: i... if i do it... w... will you... p... please l... leave me alone?
XxloneminerxX: sure thing :P
Rouge: whatever... *walks off*
name: Nami
race: neko
skills: using any type of weapon
power: any physical weapon can be used with 100% efficiency
personality: scared easily, quiet, not very confident.
friends: XxloneminerxX, Rouge, Yoi, Ghost
appearance: the pic
XxloneminerxX there ya go ^_^
Me: c... can i... i b... be a... alone now?
XxloneminerxX: mmm.... fine... be that way... *sits leaning on a tree* but i aint leaving...

Aura Kingdom
Rouge XxloneminerxX's Character
Mar 15, 2017

((no magic anyone can join. space RP part 7))
@BlackWolf23 @EnderPlayer))
*has been forced by new Vista to fix there ships whenever there in the aria and i have to let them do whatever they want with the station*