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Feb 26, 2017

(( WOWWW LOOK AT THAT A RP.-. )) @Dienomic @Noahsoccer22 GalaxyTheNerd @LittleAwesome34 @basaltian @Bearded_Gecko ye we are starting a new day^-^ I belive Some of the girls are having a sleepover and ye :/ I give up on the class thing feel free to go to class or don't :/

Quinn: * she Wakes up and sees Jasmine, and Rosie she remembers last night * ....... * she looks down at her hands and whispers *....I'm sorry mom.....
Hailey: * is asleep*
Tuner: * he Wakes up, gets out of the water, and roams the hallways *

Feb 23, 2017

@Bearded_Gecko GalaxyTheNerd @basaltian @LittleAwesome34 Dienomic @Noahsoccer22 (( sorry if I forgot your name )) Well are going off from last time. Like exactly where XD just making it clear.

Quinn: * she takes her hat off and turns to Jasmine * What do we even do in Gym?
Hailey: * is blushing from kissing Jack*
Turner: * smiles at Del while swimming to class *