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Jan 23, 2017

@EnderPlayer my MC skin

Jan 22, 2017

@CandySnake02 give this a listen it rocks

Jan 18, 2017

@Logan_Justin_Gray @DragonGirl180 @Graymay09 @Noahsoccer22 @CandySnake02 @EnderPlayer @TaeKwonDitto @NicoNite81 @Silverb9 sorry to say the dragon RP isn't going up today in fact I haven't really felt like Rps today so tomorrow it'll be up and I'll be in RPs tomorrow sorry, I'm just not up for RPs today. I hope you guys understand

Jan 17, 2017

@Logan_Justin_Gray @DragonGirl180 @Graymay09 @Noahsoccer22 @CandySnake02 @EnderPlayer @TaeKwonDitto @NicoNite81 @Silverb9 the dragon RP will be up tomorrow

Jan 15, 2017

@BlackWolf23 Here
Name: Austin North
Age: 17
Gender: male
personality: quiet, shy, sad, mysteries
history story: Brother murdered there parents and tried to kill him, but fought back and killed his brother, was tracked down and forced to go in straight jacket when being transported saying he was really violet when they tried to take him, doesn't say a word not even in class

Jan 14, 2017

@GalaxyTheNerd for the RP he is back!

Name: Hanzo
Fullname: Hanzo Kyoryu
Age: 16
Crush: open
Personality: Cool, Calm, a bit of a nerd, friendly, caring
Strength: uh pretty strong
Family: Yamato ((brother)) Info Chan ((sister)) Mr and Mrs Kyoryu? ((parents))
Friends: Renji and Danzo his best friends since pre-school
Reputation: is popular but only has Renji and Danzo has friends
Club: Marital Arts
Additional Info: Is in a gang with his brother Yamato called the Red Hawks and they protect people from another gang called the Blue Cobras

Jan 12, 2017

@BlackWolf23 why did you delete the rp?