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Mortal Kombat X
Kai Bearded_Gecko's Character
Apr 04, 2017

((@BlackWolf23)) Ok we are here

Apr 04, 2017

((@GalaxyTheNerd)) Hahahahaha oh dear Mari i really need to thank you!

Apr 02, 2017

???: So this is the place?
Lizard: Yup you'll make great new people
???: incroyable ((Amazing in French)) well everyone Bonjour i am Allen L'automne
Name: Allen L'automne ((Last name meaning autumn ))
Age: 20-26
Personality: Flirt, gentleman, kind, smart,loyal, funny
Species: Human
Weapon: Many different types of swords
Magic: Re-quip like Erza from Fairy Tail, but as one other type of magic
Friend: Lizard, his ocs
Family: 2 Brothers, a sister and his mom and grandfather
Appearance: pic,
Other info: Allen moved from France to see the world find love, adventure, new friends and challenges, he and lizard have known each other for 10 years and Lizard was finally able to get him to move to the U.S and Allen is looking forward to what comes towards him, he is also a master swordsmen.

Mar 26, 2017

((@BlackWolf23)) *is laying in bed bored* ehhhhhhhhh

Mar 17, 2017

Name: Daryl Ashton
Age: 18-19
Personality: a bit cocky, loud, crazy, destructive, can also chill sometimes, kind to those he trusts
Appearance: the pic
Backstory: Daryl was abused as a kid by his family expect his mother and grandfather and didn't have any friends, one day his mom picked him up in the middle of the night and left to her dad's home to escape the brutal home, sometime later he learned about his powers to which he grandfather taught him how to use them, after that he heard stories of the kingdom he lives in and the warriors to protect it so he set out to be one.
Favorite color: Orange

Mar 05, 2017

Name: Orym North
Personality: Crazy, kinda smart, destructive, happy
Power: Earth
Clan: Elf
Weapon(s): Sword ((the one in the pic)) Bow and arrows normal and special ones and a smg
Friends/Backstory: His parents went missing when he was 5 and was alone so he he stole anything he could and ran, along the way taught himself how to use a gun while his father taught him how to use a sword and bow, after gaining his earth powers he beat any guards who tried to take him in for being a thief and roams from kingdom to kingdom looking for his parents.
Appearance: ((The picture))